Whether you do not recognize, Beats is now one of the leaders of the world's headset brand

US stocks broke out the day before, Apple will be $ 3.2 billion acquisition of Beats Electronics. Beats Electronics is a well-known American headset manufacturer and has recently launched a music subscription service. And Facebook190 billion acquisition of Whatsapp is different, Apple's huge acquisition did not cause the industry's envy, and more of Apple's current CEO Cook questioned. But this does not prevent Beats fame, instantly popular in the north and south, called the business miracle.


This company without any acoustic technology reserves, with unique consumer insight, accurate customer base and difficult to replicate the ability to integrate resources, in a few years quickly jump up to 3.2 billion to be acquired. How did it do it?


First, consumer insight.


North American market pop music consumption is mainly concentrated in the youth groups, and HipHop and R & B style is the absolute mainstream of the popular music market. Especially HipHop by the reproduction of the cultural system, and even become a lot of young people a way of life. This group of personality publicity, music is not just to appreciate, but also become part of the life scene. Different from the early use of high-end headphones scene, they a lot of outdoor time and music as partners. Founder Jimmy and Dr.Dre are obviously well aware of this group, so they want to launch a product for these young people. This product must be stylish, from the industrial design to subvert the traditional headphones old-fashioned boring image; easy to drive, suitable for travel or outdoor access iPod and other portable audio player to enjoy music; sound lively and sweet, good at highlighting HipHop music power and atmosphere sense. So Beats by Dr.Dre was born.


It is based on such consumer demand and value communication, Beats never positioning their products in the hifi products, to give up the high-fidelity sound quality orientation, will be low in the low frequency, vocal and large surface veneer, in exchange for the popular Music to stimulate the sweet playback effect. Beats products using a large number of modern industrial design language, simple and smooth lines, bright colors out, greatly emphasizing the decorative headphones themselves. Headset product fashion, Beats is the first pioneer, and now has become synonymous with fashion headphones, the successful completion of the brand that category of cognitive occupation.


Followed by accurate customer base positioning.


The early positioning of products firmly grasp the youth groups, especially those who love HipHop culture and street culture of youth groups. And then look for these target groups concerned about the hot spots, into their own communication nodes, the formation of transmission array, capture the mass media. Which musician singer fashion star is the attention of these young people? And their cooperation. The product will be implanted in their MTV, movies, interviews, so that they put BEATS headphones hanging in the neck, frequent appearances in the public media. And then with the commercial value of the higher artists, launched joint cooperation models, make full use of the fans follow the psychological. At this point, Beats is not just a headset, is shared with the beloved artists to share the way of life; Beats is not just used to listen to songs, but also around the items to the tide jewelry. Headphones from only Beats and non-Beats, never a headset like Beats, more time is not in the ears, but lying on the neck.


Early Beats' creative strategy revolves around street fashion and encourages teenagers to bring music to the streets. TVC's bright colors, rhythmic movements, boys and girls accompanied by Beats came the music in the streets dance, sketched out the young people aspire to the way of life. It is worth mentioning that most of the brand's creative case agent will be handed over by the integrated creative agents, and Beats chose the interactive agent R / GA, which is a prestigious interactive creative agents, visible Beats Group positioning is extremely clear. And recently heard that W + K a big brother jumped to Beats do global marketing director, the long-term service in Nike's creative people may be more fortified Beats young fashion brand vitality.


Finally, the integration of resources.


If the above two points did not jump out of the conventional brand development path, then Beats growth process to show the strong ability to integrate resources may be difficult to copy other brands.


Two founders from the music industry, do not have the development of electro-acoustic products technology, but not their own production lines and sales channels. So they found a high-end wire and power supply manufacturers - Monster (magic sound). Magic sound of the wire in the enthusiasts have a high status, early also introduced the speaker products (MacSpeaker), has a deep audio technology reserves. After many negotiations, Beats and Monster set a five-year cooperation agreement, magic sound Beats brand products responsible for the development, production and sales. Beats official claims to be jointly developed, but from the external information analysis, Beats at most involved in the product line planning and industrial design, and to give advice on the tuning. The actual core R & D and sales channels are built by magic sound in one hand, Beats is focused on its brand marketing.


Artist star singer, is the two in the music circle quite qualified founder of the largest resources. So according to its audience, launched a variety of marketing around the star offensive, cooperation artists too numerous to mention. This model also has a typical domestic sample, is Li Zongsheng created by Li Ji he. With the advantages of contacts, were invited Mayday, Cai Jianya, Chen Qizhen, Zhou Huajian and so on its publicity. Unfortunately, folk guitar is not a consumer product, so it is not widely known.


The success of the headset market, the rapid increase in the Beats brand value. Beats is not satisfied with the simple design of headset product sales, hoping to be more extensive involved in the audio consumer market. So catch the PC market for many years the first share of the HP (second-line brand? Oh), claiming to develop Beats Audio audio system. From the name of this product will be able to know that this is a sound software, rather than Dolby, DTS and the like hardware and software system standards. In simple terms, this is an independent EQ software, or a sound filter. And the magic sound of the cooperation is exactly the same, Beats is nothing more than involved in product planning and interface design, the actual core should be completed by the HP company. Beats has independent property rights, and product applications and brand license to HP.


In the HTC capital holding Beats, the latter borrowed the former funds began to cross the bridge, get rid of Monster brand. A five-year cooperation to break up on this, and seems to reveal the message of joy. Monster grew rapidly from the practice of such products, built a mature headset product sales network, launched a wide variety of products, will Beats marketing strategy into their own, a variety of names of the endless stream of cooperation. And Beats with Monster's technical capabilities after the rapid rise, but also face the problem of brand interference. Not only the mainland market, many foreign consumers also believe that Monster is Beats brand owner, which is only a former sub-brand, or a product line. HTC to enjoy Beats brand, but also to their mobile phone products equipped with Beats Audio sound, trying to expand the product to Beats customer base.


Recently Beats has launched a joint design of Alexander Wang, and only in fashion stores. This information is very clear, they are not satisfied with the youth groups, and trying to focus on fashion to the more high-end crowd to expand.