Whether you do not recognize, Beats is now one of the leaders of the world's headset brand

Jimmy Iowen, who created the headset company created by Dr. Dere, has conquered the market and has allowed Apple to spend $ 3 billion before it comes to it. How is Beats done? Beats before the emergence of a wide range of high-end headphones on the market, but most of them aimed at music enthusiasts. The data show that before 2012 high-end headset sales generated by the income of only one-third of all income. For ordinary consumers, the $ 20 Apple headset is enough. Beats' head, Graves, said, "People always ask me how Beats is done." The headset already has such a long history, why is it now why? Why is this? Why is Beats? "

The answer is: the brand and the founder of the music production experience wonderful chemical reaction. In essence, the process of producing their headsets is like producers making music, rather than traditional vendors entering an established market. "I think it would be because we were born to reshape the headset market," Gretel continued, "and the headset was not a culture before it was a functional product." Beats changed everything, and it focused Not just the quality of the sound, and let the "sound" once again cool up.

As early as the 1970s and 1980s, Jimmy Eyewood was already a well-known record producer. After the day of production, he will play their own mix of broadcast through the broadcast. Then he will drive his own car to listen to his own music. Which makes him the most people listen to music to experience their own music. This form of test to help him improve their own production of music. Similarly, in the production of headphones, these people also used to listen to the musician's point of view, so that the headset is really suitable for consumers of products.

NPD Group analyst Benjamin Arnold said, "they created a brand to get the consumer really agree with the headset is not only a functional product or a fashion equipment.Beats bold color and more modern design makes it And Sony, Bose and Bowers & Wilkins have a strong distinction between the celebrity effect can not be ignored should not be overlooked.As LeBron James and Lady Gaga created headset model caused a wave of sudden, more than a hundred dollars of headphones Become a necessity for every child. Beats' impact on the industry is huge. Sales of high-end headphones are growing rapidly, with sales accounting for half of total headset sales, and less than one-third of 2008 when Beats has just emerged. In fact, 95% of revenue growth comes from high-end headphones. Arches said, "Beats appeared at the point in time when the mobile market grew rapidly. The smartphone and tablet boom helped high-end headset sales for the first time last year more than $ 1 billion, while Beats got 61 percent of these revenues. , Consumers buy headphones the most important factor, first of all the brand, followed by the sound quality.

But with regard to sound quality, it could be the most controversial aspect of Beats' success. Many critics agree that Beats's voice is too big and pay attention to bass, the overall quality is much lower than the same price of competitors. In this regard, Grevar retorted, "Do people just care about the surface of the thing? This is a hip hop headset, it is the artist recognized headphones, which is why it is so popular.

Graval believes that the criticism of these critics is actually a very wise choice for its creator to give Beats DNA. "If you are a music enthusiast, you will find the curve of the high-end headphones is very flat.You hear any format, any curve is native, this flat curve is what we call the reference." "

Each studio has a pair of reference speakers to get the sound effect of the benchmark. But Graval said Beats took the opposite approach. "The reference sound has its value and meaning in the world, but it's not the way people enjoy music." The meaning of Beats headphones is to give the world's most extensive consumer a strong emotion, that is, When the important principles. "Our approach is different from the others, and the opposite acoustics engineer always makes a reference curve, that is, how we can get the same sound like a radio."

There have been some competitors to start copying Beats practice, but it is difficult to predict the fate of these followers, Hip-hop, star and headset combination does not always create sales. Big star Ludacris and 50 Cent have used their names to endorse this city aesthetics and heavy bass mixed headphones. This chemical reaction created Beats' success, but nobody was able to get Beats luck. Apple as their new partner, may help Beats further ahead of the competition.