Whether you do not recognize, Beats is now one of the leaders of the world's headset brand

Beats fame for the model Studio, also translated as a sound engineer, this product year after year fame, so Beats in the extremely fast time to become one of the world's most famous headset brand, and this product regardless of true fake In the street is definitely the most common of a headset products. Although the stage in the next generation it is basically a kind of goods, the sound for its high price is not worth mentioning, but its stylish appearance or let consumers rush. Beats can be said to change the properties of the headset, let it more than the role of an ornament, but also to change the traditional big-name strategy, have begun to introduce fashionable appearance of headphones products.

The Beats problem is the same, since the Studio after the launch of numerous models, and even shrink the No. 1 Solo, and later after the Monster also launched a number of products. Even after the independence of Monster also introduced a diamond like tears of earphone products. And so far as the opening said, Beats Studio is still the highest annual sales of headphones products, competitors are helpless, maybe Beats himself is also very helpless.

Natural Studio's enduring also Beats own efforts, this headset product has been updated several times, is now the latest product. Of course, you can see at a glance that this is from the Beats Studio follow-up products, although this product is selling hot is Beats want to see, but as a headset, it has been at least 6 years of selling, perhaps life cycle Is it a question, is it also to consider what products to replace it?