Whether you do not recognize, Beats is now one of the leaders of the world's headset brand

If you want to say that the earphone industry who is the darling of fashion, it would have to mention Beats. When you want to be free to listen to the song, Beats will offer you Beats Solo2 Wireless this recording division wireless Bluetooth headset. Its color from the initial red, white, blue and black four to red and white blue and black and white gold and seven, could not help but lament the fashion is Beats gene.

I believe there are already many people tired of the headset line - the line seems to be most people listen to the necessary ritual before the song, and this part of the user to buy new headphones are also more because the wire is broken. Portable and convenient is the most important part of the Bluetooth headset, Solo series headset wearing Bluetooth headset is also for this part of the demand born.

Solo2 Wireless with pressure ear design, support for Bluetooth 4.0, built-in microphone, through Bluetooth can also be controlled by wire. These features determine the Solo2 Wireless is a portable product, buy this headset, you can no longer buy a call headset. Size, Solo2 Wireless width of 156mm, headphone arm can be folded, with carrying bag, body weight about 205g, very light, easy to carry.

Beats performance style that many people have been heard. Limited by the Bluetooth data transmission bandwidth, loss of sound quality is unavoidable, which is why the previous Bluetooth 2.x era can only talk to Bluetooth 3.0, Bluetooth technology began to be widely used in stereo wireless headset products The Solo2 Wireless in the Bluetooth mode of operation is relatively flat, to cope with going out is enough (volume is enough, shape enough to pull the boom), the left side of the "b" with a wire control function, support playback / pause, volume increase or decrease, The next one, the method of operation and Apple's headphones on the same gestures.

Although many people suffer the pain of the headset line, but I still have to say, plug the headset line headphones sound quality or will be higher. Although audio enthusiasts may not choose Solo2 Wireless, but we have to admit that its music performance is pleasing. It has a three-dimensional and charming bass, this style basically runs through Beats's every headset, and regardless of the source is the high bit rate of MP3 or lossless, the use of mobile phones or professional players, Beats on the bass is very stable interpretation.