Whether you do not recognize, Beats is now one of the leaders of the world's headset brand

Apple has recently filed a lawsuit in the US District Court. The lawsuit was made up of five consumers, and the main reason they sued Apple was that they had problems with their Beats headphones, making them think that Apple had a false propaganda.


This Apple Beats powerbeats series of sports headphones is Apple's recent main push of a headset, they in the ad to a large number of sports stars, and in the ad to convey the headset sweat and durable features. However, the five consumers in the use of the process found that the quality of headphones and advertising did not advertise as well, so they decided to sue Apple false propaganda.


The five plaintiffs filed a lawsuit against the US District Court in Oakland, California on Tuesday, and the prosecution was filed. They believe that this series of Beats headset quality is low, design defects lead to low battery life and can not charge, and on behalf of thousands of torture Beats headset users are required to compensate 5 million US dollars. At present, Apple is still not comment on this action.